In the post-modern era, most of us would agree that life is pacing at an unprecedented speed and it has become fairly difficult to keep health on track. As a result newer and more complex diseases are surfacing up, and it’s become all the more time consuming to come up with a cure. Medical experts all over the world have been incrementally stressing on the importance of health and sanitation, and how nutrition is directly linked to a sound health. 

With contamination of food and drinking water, it has become more important to question the quality – what you consume is what becomes of you! The right questions to ask would be – how much nutritive value does your food actually hold? Is the water you’re consuming really healthy for your metabolism?

With focus on the various merits and demerits of water, let’s look into more detail about the most important factor of human life – water. It’s known that 70% of human body is just water, in various forms. This fact itself explains the importance of keeping a check on the balance of water in the body, or as we call it – staying hydrated. Water in it’s plain form is the most common and healthiest choice to keep your body hydrated, and more and more people are realising that lately. There has been a multiple-fold increase in the consumption of purified water, most of it being RO purified. 

While this makes sure that the water is free of harmful minerals but is that just enough? There are a lot of other requirements that should be fulfilled in order to make it seamlessly penetrate into our cells and keep us healthy, hydrated and active. The right water can help us boost athletic performance, have a glowing skin and decrease inflammation in the body.



Research indicates that hydrogen water can provide the benefits listed above – pure water with extra hydrogen molecules added to it. The water we consume in its regular form doesn’t have free hydrogen as most of it is combined with oxygen molecules and hence cannot be absorbed by the body.

What are the health benefits of hydrogen water?

The markets worldwide have increasingly explored the benefits of hydrogen water and today it is sold in various forms – the most common and effective ones being hydrogen water machines (ionizers or water tumblers). The results have been promising, as addition of hydrogen decreases the levels of hydroperoxide (a marker of oxidative stress) and helps to maintain a higher level of antioxidants. There has been enough stress on the importance of antioxidants in the body, including protecting skin at various layers, stomach diseases, cholesterol and even acute diseases like cancer.

A major proportion of the population has been increasingly affected by high blood sugar which is said to have been caused by chronic inflammation. Inflammation also causes the accumulation of lactate in the blood and a resultant muscle fatigue specially after exercise.


It's safe and magical!

As many benefits as have been pointed out in research, there has been no indication that it brings about any harm. Drinking hydrogen water is completely safe, so why not consume it anyway? Who knows, it may work wonders you've never imagined of!