According to the Facts, there are still a lot of people asking that how they can protect their families and children’s from Corona Virus. As we all know a key to good health is a strong immune system, weak immune system exposes you to a lot of diseases like cold, flu, and other problems.

Corona Virus emerged from Wuhan . China in December, 2019 and now its spreading across the globe. Corona Virus has affected people over 11,125,245  around the world, and 5,28,204 deaths. Being elderly with other illnesses increases the risk of dying with COVID-19. Immune system plays a great role in our body we should always ensure that it is strong enough to fight.

The corona virus, flus and cold are viruses varying in strengths .Whenever you get flu you’ll have the same symptoms like runny nose, etc.  But when it comes with body aches, headaches and you might get so tired that you have to immediately go from your work or school. And with corona virus it’s more dangerous.

The immune system is a network of cells, tissues and organs that works together and protects the body. Strong immune system can help your body to fight against viruses and speeding up the recovery process after an infection. Immune system is considered to be the defence of body against infections.


How can you develop strong immune system? (APART FROM TRADITIONAL METHOD)

        1.     By Intake of Antioxidant  water

You can develop a strong immune system by intake of Antioxidant water. Whenever you are exposed to an infection your anti bodies are the only thing which helps you to recover. But viruses like corona virus starts attacking your anti bodies and damages them .If you take good amount of Antioxidants it’ll help you to create anti bodies and will ultimately make your immune system fit and strong to fight with infections.  DR. BAXLEY (MD at centre for HOLISTIC MEDICINE) says, “KEEP THE RIVER FLOWING “. As we live in a polluted environment which causes oxidation which is responsible for cell damage and as the cells will get damaged the immune system will get weak. But with the consumption of Antioxidant water , oxidation process will reduce and the cells will not get damaged , resulting in a strong immune system.


       2.   By consumption of Micro Cluster water

You must be thinking What Micro cluster is? Micro cluster means, water with the smallest combination of molecules .Micro cluster water will hydrate your body abundantly as the micro cluster water has the ability to go to each cell of your body and make it hydrated and a hydrated body will always have a strong immune system.YOU REALLY WANT TO BE DRINKING A LOT OF WATER SO YOU GET  ALL OF YOUR GOOD IMMUNE CELLS TO WHERE THEY NEED TO GO “, DR. BAXLEY(MD at centre for HOLISTIC MEDICINE) says. Regular water have the combination of 16-22 molecules which will ultimately result in dehydration of your body and dehydration will make your body fatigue , and the body will start  losing its ability to function and the symptoms are produced of fluid loss , major effect of dehydration will be weakened immune system.

       3.  How pH level of water makes a big difference?

Well, we all will be surprised how proper pH Balance has a crucial role for almost every bodily function, whether immune system, muscle, joints and digestion. It boosts your immunity system.Your immune system helps neutralise the acidity in your body, which is caused by poor diet,Environmental Toxins and stress.Drinking water of 8-9 pH will help you boost your immune system and reduce the chances of Corona Virus.  pH level matters in your body to a great extent as viruses grow in acidic environment, if PH level of your body is less then neutral then it will make your body acidic and More prone to viruses . If you drink water which is of 8-9 pH it’ll help your body to develop a strong immune system and will help your body to fight with viruses. As said by Dr. Otto Warburg , “NO DISEASE INCLUDING CANCER, CAN EXIST IN ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT”.As viruses cannot grow in an alkaline environment.